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Wedding To-Do List

10 things to plan ahead of your wedding

Your wedding day should be fun and meaningful, not stressful. Fortunately, we put a to-do list together for you to help you plan ahead so you can enjoy your big day, not stress about it. Below are 10 things to plan for your wedding.

  1. Create a timeline - Please see our wedding day timeline article to help you create a timeline.

  2. Hire a day of coordinator - As the bride, don’t be the person in charge of vendors! The last thing you want to do is be on your phone and problem solving when you should be getting ready and enjoying the day.

  3. Hire an experienced DJ - DJ’s make or break a reception. No, giving uncle Bob a microphone and a phone with Spotify premium does not count!

  4. Find a babysitter - If you have a child(ren) have someone or a family member look after them until 1 hour before the wedding. This allows for them to get the rest that they need and protects them from being overstimulated by the time the ceremony comes around. You can still do photos of them getting ready during that hour before.

  5. All legs are not one size fits all - Don’t be afraid to ditch the garter until the reception.

  6. Rent transportation - A lot of times there will be a long break between the ceremony and reception. Rent transportation and travel around to get fun photos.

  7. Add in buffer time to your schedule - Something will run behind or be delayed, add in an extra 30 minutes to the schedule as a safety. You can always fill that time later with fun photos or time with your family and friends. 

  8. Have the flowers delivered when your photographer arrives - Doing this will allow the flowers to be a part of the detail photos. You can even have the florist bring some extras so that they can be used as accents in the photos.

  9. Bring an emergency kit - make sure it has white eye lash glue

  10. Sunset photos - The best lighting is in the evening so make sure that you take a few minutes during dinner or during the reception to get some photos in the best light.

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