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First Look Sample Timeline

Planning the Perfect First Look?

Wanting a first look but unsure how to time out your wedding day? Check out this sample timeline. Adjust the ceremony time and time increments to yours. 

11:00 AM Bridal Prep

Bride + Bridesmaids Hair and Makeup (9:00 AM)

Ask hair and makeup artist for accurate time based on team and quantity

Bridal Details (12:30 PM)

Photos of dress, flowers, shoes, jewelry, etc.

Matching Outfit Activity (1:00 PM)

Bride Gets Dressed (1:30 PM)

Bridal Portraits (2:00 PM)


12:30 PM Groom Prep


Groom Details  (12:30 PM)

Photos of jacket, boutonniere, shoes, belt, etc.

Groom Prep (1:00 PM)

Groomsmen and Groom get dressed

Groom Portraits (2:00 PM)

2:30 PM First Look

Couple Portraits  (2:45 PM)

Small session, more photos later

Wedding Party (3:00 PM)


Immediate Family Portraits (4:00 PM)

Parents and siblings

Hide Bride and Groom (4:30 PM)


5:00 PM Ceremony


Extended Family Photos  (5:30 PM)

Large groupings of each side of your family

Individuals with grandparents

Couple Session (6:00 PM)

This can be moved to dinner if lighting is better

6:30 PM Reception

Dinner  (6:30 PM)

Toasts  (7:30 PM)

Cake Cutting  (8:00 PM)

First Dances  (8:15 PM)

Open Dance  (8:30 PM)

Bouquet + Garter Toss  (9:30 PM)

Grand Exit  (10:00 PM)

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