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Your wedding day should be fun and meaningful, not stressful. Fortunately, we put a to-do list together for you to help you plan ahead so you can enjoy your big day, not stress about it.

How do you plan a wedding day? One of the most frequent questions I receive from brides is how much time wedding day events take and how do they plan out this wonderful day and get the best day possible. 

Providing your photographer with a list of people's names that you want in photos is so helpful and can make organizing photo groups go smoothly. 


Wanting a first look but unsure how to time out your wedding day? Check out this sample timeline. Adjust the ceremony time and time increments to yours. 

Don’t want to see each other before the wedding but worried that the timeline wont work? Check out this sample timeline for a traditional wedding day. Adjust the ceremony time and time increments to your...

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