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Traditional Wedding Day Timeline

How to plan your wedding day without a first look

Don’t want to see each other before the wedding but worried that the timeline wont work? Check out this sample timeline for a traditional wedding day. Adjust the ceremony time and time increments to your wedding day details. Don’t forget to add in travel time if you are going to multiple venues. (This schedule is set up with 2 photographers so times do overlap)

1:30 PM       Groom Details

2:00 PM       Groom Prep

3:00 PM       Groom Portraits

3:30 PM       Groomsmen Portraits


1:30 PM       Bride Details

2:00 PM       Hair and makeup needs to be done

2:00 PM       Getting ready activity pictures

2:30 PM       Bride and Bridesmaids get dressed

3:00 PM       Bridesmaids photos

3:30 PM       Bridal Portraits

4:00 PM       Immediate Family Portraits (Separate)

5:00 PM       Ceremony

5:30 PM       Family Portraits (See our family portraits list - link here)

6:00 PM       Combined Wedding Party Portraits (This is only the photos of everyone together)

6:30 PM       Couples Session (You could do a small session here and a longer one during dinner if you want to keep the gap short for your guests) 

7:00 PM       Grand Entrance

7:15 PM       Dinner

8:15 PM       Toasts

8:30 PM       Cake Cutting

8:45 PM       First Dances 

9:00 PM       Open Dance 

10:00 PM     Bouquet and Garter Toss

10:30 PM     Grand Exit 

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