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Who is K&B?

My name is Brianna Lindenmeyer and I am married to that handsome man, Kyle Lindenmeyer that is standing next to me on this gorgeous beach. I am not always very good at talking about myself so lets go "MODERN". At this day in age, if you want to get to know someone or figure out their secrets, what do you do... GOOGLE!

If you google Kyle's name, you will find that he studied art and design and is in fact very talented, you will also find that he is a Lakers' fan but a Kobe Bryant fan most of all and you will find that he was born and raised in Los Angelos, California.

If you google my name, you will find that I was born and raised in Fresno California, you will see that I have multiple twitter accounts, that I can't seem to remember the password or email for, and lastly you will see that I am a high school science teacher.

If you google our names together, you will find that we have a photography business in Kansas City Missouri. We have travelled across that United States photographing weddings and have loved every minute of it!

Why Photography?

After owning our first DSLR camera, we developed a hobby that turned into a dream and then a career path. Kyle is a very artistic and creative and I love working with people and together we are a team that creates quality photographs while giving our clients a great and fun experience. We love to enhance a session or wedding day by creating environments where people can be themselves and we are able to give them images that are unique and show their personalities and passions.

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Brianna Lindenmeyer

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