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Photography In Kansas City

Need a little help deciding where to take photos? Here are some of our favorite spots around Kansas City

Penn Valley Park

Unique Kansas City view, stone, and trees. This park has perfect nooks for wedding photos, engagement or family photos. If you want an overview of the city, visit the Scout statue at the top of the hill.

Is there a permit or cost? No


Rules/regulations: Pets are allowed.

Loose Park

Rose garden, fountains, open grass, tall trees, pond and a beautiful bridges. This park is full of scenes that take your breath away.


Is there a permit or cost? Yes - $25/hour. Click here for permit form.


Rules/Regulations: Pets are allowed.

Burr Oaks

Tall trees to open fields, this park has it all. There are so many beautiful backgrounds to make for one of a kind engagements, family portraits or anything in between.

Is there a permit or cost? Yes, permit is required (this is new)


Rules/Regulations: Pets are prohibited.

Shawnee Mission Park

Lake, docks, beach, fields, trails and forests. Shawnee Mission Park is a great destination for any session at any time of the day!



Is there a permit or cost? No, only if you use the beach.


Rules/Regulations: Pets are allowed.


Side streets, brick buildings, graffiti art, west bottoms, city market, the street car, Power and Light and Kauffman Center. There are endless opportunities for get photos in Downtown KC that show the life and spirit of our great city.


Is there a permit or cost? Check with the business owners for any permits or permissions that are needed.

World War 1 Memorial

Stone architecture, views of the city and large grass areas. The memorial is great area to show off our city and also provide for beautiful lighting and unique posing.


Is there a permit or cost? No


Rules/Regulations: Pets are not allowed on the memorial. There is no sitting on the walls.

Union Station

Inside or outside, Union Station is the heart of KC and has stunning backdrops and scenery for all times of the year. Indoors they have a seasonal set up for Christmas and holidays. 


Is there a permit or cost associated with this venue? Yes, they typically will allow for free use between Thanksgiving and Christmas to promote their seasonal activities. Otherwise you have to pay for a photography permit. Click here to check rules and regulations.


Rules/Regulations: Pets are allowed. Be respectful to the property by cleaning up after yourself and not making messes.

Antioch Park

Rose garden, large pond, tall trees, trails, long bridges. This park is a hidden gem and has so many photo opportunities and areas for children and adults. This park is popular for public attendance so plan your visit accordingly.


Is there a permit or cost? No


Rules/Regulations: Pets are allowed.

Coffee Shops

Bring out personality in your session by finding a coffee shop or ice cream stop that fits your family/couple's vibe. These intimate sessions can be fun and one of a kind. Make sure you think of creative angles and fun activities to bring out the unique qualities of the venue and couple.


Is there a permit or cost? Make sure you communicate with the business to get any cost or rules that you must abide by.

English Landing Park

This park aligns with the Missouri River and has a unique bridge and open grass fields. Be cautious of nice days and weekend use, this park has many running events and social events that take place here that will limit areas of use. There is also a frisbee golf course that can cause for limited space or use.

Is there a permit or cost? No

Rules/Regulations: Pets are allowed.

Kaw Point Park

Past the West Bottoms and into the industrial park of KC, you will find a river park with the KC backdrop, some beautiful trails and rock arrangements.

Is there a permit or cost? No


Rules/Regulations: Pets are allowed.

Nelson Atkins Museum

This building is unique and is a landmark that represents Kansas City. There are textured walls, large steps, stone work, or trees.

Is there a permit or cost? No for the outdoors. The property is closed if there are weddings or events.

Rules/Regulations: Pets are not permitted. Be respectful of the art/property property.

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